Adrianne Haslet-Davis

"You realize what kind of life you lived, and that flashes before you, and then you realize what kind of life that you want to live after."

Adrianne Haslet-Davis has survived the unimaginable bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon, where she lost her left leg below the knee.

She is quickly rising to meet her daily challenges head on with a unique perspective. Being a ballroom dancer and former Fortune 500 corporate manager, at the peak of her career, she has had to re-learn her craft and an entirely new meaning to the word patience.

In the wake of the marathon, she has become an inspiration through her positive attitude and infectious smile.

"I refuse to be called a victim. I am not defined by what happened in my life. I am a survivor, defined by how I live my life."

- Adrianne


Since beginning her recovery, Adrianne and her husband, fellow bombing survivor and Air Force Major Adam Davis, have worked to bring deserved attention to causes and organizations which greatly benefitted their own recovery.


Understanding that her story of tragedy followed by resolve, strength and determination could serve as an inspiration to others, Adrianne began speaking to audiences large and small in the months after the marathon bombing.


For Adrianne, her philosophy about dancing is best captured in a comment she often makes: "Dancing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel as though I should be doing anything else."

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Adam Davis

Major Adam Davis, United States Air Force

Adam Davis was born in England. He grew up in a proud military family where they traveled the world and United States. He went to college at Montana State University where he majored in Chemical Engineering. He has a true passion for technology and engineering. While in Montana he fell in love with skiing and it has been one of many outdoor sports Adam enjoys. Along with White Water Rafting, Rock Climbing and cycling Adam gets outdoors as often as possible. After College in ROTC he joined the United States Air Force as an Officer. He then was stationed in Los Angeles. Only a few short years later he was attending a wedding of a friend in Seattle, Washington where he was a groomsman and Adrianne was matched up as a bridesmaid. Shortly after he took her to a sushi dinner in LA and asked her permission to call her his girlfriend. Always a gentleman. He proposed seven months later. Adam and Adrianne were then stationed in in San Antonio, Texas where he earned his graduate degree in Business. They now live in their dream city of Boston. Adam has recently been promoted to Major and is stationed at Hanscom Air Force Base. He continues to enjoy his love of craft microbrews and finding new restaurants.


Salem State University Occupational Therapy (OT) Graduate Class of 2016 | Salem, MA | Apr 02 2016

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